17 March 2009

not a pheasant plucker...

just an envelope stuffer.

Mail shots out to the membership are somehow always a challenge.  Written down the steps to successfully complete this occasional task would seem, well,  simple but for one reason or other it never is.  When I heard that the mail out for the Mad Hatters Tea Party, April 11th (you must come!) was very due I knew what that meant. 

Now this time Michael had done us yet another smashing poster and Jane had sorted out a very good deal at the printers and Shyamal had updata-ed the database.  Dates and times to stuff, lick and seal were diaried and confirmed.  Just the address labels to be printed.  Then...

The database doc wouldn't open so had to be resent.

One wouldn't recognise the other of course and it couldn't format.

The code thingy on the label pack lied outrageously. 

Desperate texts - "the air's gone blue!"

I drop all to save the day of course.  

(This should probably be slightly qualified here.  A broad definition of 'save' would certainly allow for hours of being fed banana cake and tea whilst feebly joyriding labour saving electronic options to end up confounded, giggling hysterically with scissors, sticky tape and a newfound respect for collage.  Needs must). 

They have all now been posted.

We move to electro-mailshots soon.  

Roll on welcome future. 

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