6 April 2009


I am often told how lovely it must be to have my job.  Often it is but life not being 'mary had a little lamb' it definitely has another side.  

Two charming little gifts left by visitors today.

The first in the compost bin.  Often veg peelings are left still wrapped in plastic bags so I check it regularly and empty them out.  Ready for surprises I do this warily so didn't get the worst this claggy little deposit had to offer.  After the surprise had passed and the air and flies had cleared I had to remind myself it could have been much worse - there will be plenty more of this through the summer and most of it won't be bagged.
This next was a first for me.  Left neatly under a bench, the 'digby jones smells the flowers' one, was this.  Some of our visitors are truly skanky!

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