27 April 2010

St George's Party

For some years the St George's day event conversation has been running, ranging across the board from the rabidly jingoistic to the simply bunting loving.  There is no great tradition for celebrating the day  so when we decided to give it a go this year the choice was entirely ours.  Being rather prone to bunting the theme for our party was easy to choose - a bunting pavilion, tea, cakes, hot dogs and, with a nod to the war-mongerers amongst us (we aim to be inclusive) a home made weaponry workshop.  
Some rather dashing posters up on the railings, 
themed cakes,

and a bunting pavilion
brought in the crowds.

The weaponry workshop was popular,
with personal interpretations of the St George cross decorating tabards,
and a frightening array of multi-pronged, jagged edged,
death dealing weapons were developed.

Watch out Dragons!

A big thank you to the garden committee and other volunteers for making the day a success.

(There is something to be learnt from every event we hold and from this one I now know that;
- someone will always decide that the garden, mid-event and full of small children, is the most appropriate place to cook up heroin. 
- acrylic paint whilst non-toxic and quick drying does not come out of party dresses)  

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  1. I most like your adendum at the end here - and i imagine sums up the garden, it's surroundings and how you cope balancing them all. A great entry - and a fab event.