3 September 2010

all is ready

After a year of planning, the show is ready to go.  It will be, as the poster states, "a West End 'Country Show'" and I think we've got together a rather good range of country-ish attractions and stalls.  Being 'West End' does mean anything may happen but we are as prepared as can be.  

Aglow with the success of the first 'agricultural show' last summer (farm animals and BBQ) I oozed confidence when I cheerfully floated the idea of extending the event at a committee meeting last autumn.  Generally the assumption that we could put on a proper 'country show' has been proved right with the planning going relatively smoothly.  The learning curve has been steady enough with the expected lessons being learnt: most people won't do anything for nothing (but some will), you can send out posters but they probably won't go up, and the old but true - ALWAYS get it in writing.  Despite my autumnal oozing I am rather surprised it has come together as well as it has, but it has.   

The final week has been somewhat crazed as the best laid plans can almost be scuppered by last minute cancellations and ridiculous schoolboy excuses (thanks Surrey Docks Mobile Farm! - with four days to go! - we will want the money back!).  Almost.  But not quite.  We now have a kune pig coming.  Very exciting! So there!

I get to wear a red rosette too!

Roll on tomorrow - see you by the pigeons!

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