11 March 2011


With mulch-hungry apple trees growing atop mounds at the north end and a garden brimming with industrious foraging blackbirds and their backwards kicking digger feet (they amuse me no end but are very messy!) I had been wondering how to keep any mulch in place, so the donation of an enormous bundle of whippy alder twigs from a bout of late winter pruning in Neals Yard (thanks Graham) was synchronicity itself.
With a bit of twine and some lengths of ivy stem the twigs were simply twisted and tied into big twiggy wreaths, dropped over the trees and pegged to the ground with alder pegs - all very woodcraft but with a quick weed around the trees and topped with a heavy mulch of compost they should stop all the mulch being dragged away by the birds.  Ha - the birds can't beat me!

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