20 June 2009

not in my bouquet - 2

The banana has flowered.  
I am unimpressed.  This is widely known and a source of amusement. I haven't been able to find many redeeming features after growing this plant for 3years.  The initial excitement of the rapid growth to fifteen feet from an eight-inch baby sucker and its enormous ribbed leaf blades soon waned and I now know better.  The leaves get ripped to tatters with the gentlest breath of wind, the tatters hanging on till turning brown to compliment the tatty dead bits remaining from the winter. From October to May it has sat as tatty as a tatty thing can look and that is a long time to be tatty - fifteen foot of tattiness too.  So now it has flowered - mustard and brown - yum!

To avoid the eight messy months of messiness this really is a plant best not grown by yourself.  Just admire it (if you must) at the height of its warm season best in someone else's garden.  

Like mine.

(thanks to malcolm for the photos - my camera couldn't cope with such ugliness)

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