19 June 2009

St Josephs mini-meadow

Back at St Joe's for the first time in ages.  The radish and peas have grown well, the radish flowering and setting a good crop of edible pods (too late for the crunchy roots?  eat the pods instead), the peas have just started and a good number of fat pods are hanging ready.

The children planted some tomato and chilli plants in the veg cage to grow on - they may not get any fruit before the summer holidays but they will be waiting them when they return.  The uncaged half of the planter was planted with a mixture of wildflower plants and the area scattered with seed.  We planted ox-eye daisy, red campion, black medic, wild strawberry, dog violet, bloody dock and pendulous sedge.  I hope these are tough enough to grow here, the planter is smack bang in the middle of the playground and is in the thick of it come playtime.
Fingers crossed!

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