18 March 2010

Polly who?

I'm not a great fan of Parks department spring bedding relying as it does on cheap Polyanthus primulas.  Unlike their primrose ancestors the flowers are big and blousy but are weatherproof and make a reliable 'splash of colour' in late winter into spring - unfortunately the undecided mish-mash of colours does irritate me.  

When 20 trays of council excess, in the usual primary shades, were left in the garden unused I was undecided how to use them at first but as the colour showed in the buds it became possible to pick out single colours from the mix and these have been planted in matching colour groups - blue with blue and pink with pink.  This is much more pleasing.  They may not have the pale hedgerow delicacy of wild primroses but planted in scattered groups manage to look psychedelically natural:

in blue, 

in yellow and white.

and in brazen pink - deservedly behind bars.

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