13 March 2010

A presentation - late but better than never.

This is Miriam. Just presented with and proudly holding her certificate from the 2009 St Giles and Seven Dials in Bloom competition she manages a smile despite the cold - it's been bitter - well done Miriam! Miriam has been working on a cookery book in Tuscany and couldn't collect it earlier. She is 'Highly Commended'.

Miriam contends with the common problems that many of those gardening in communal spaces locally experience - shade, neighbours and landlords. In her garden on Macklin St she struggles with a very dark dry courtyard, surprise building improvements and over-enthusiastic independent interventions - her plants get removed and replaced with post-Christmas poinsettias (I understand her irritation with the last for similar intruders appear here but I have no need to diplomatically negotiate their removal but can rip them out with a cry of fury and throw them on the compost).

The recent round of building works at her block has been completed and she has asked if we could give some advice and assistance with re-planting this spring. The shade won't be a problem with the right plant choice and Miriam has realistic expectations of what can be achieved - success will be more 'green tapestry' than 'riot of colour'. I think we can put together a nice selection of shade plants to get it off to a good start and still be in good time for the judging this year.

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