11 February 2009

the big chill

(from a week ago)                                       Bbbbrrrr! Cold indeed and the garden blanketed under six inches of snow.  Everyone in town is, like myself, snow-insane and over-excited, this equals unsafe, so the garden remained closed.  When asked 'why?', replied  'health and safety', and dodged accusations of being a spoilsport - then dodged snowballs aplenty. 

(wondered at everyones eagerness to scrape up snow from StGiles Passage corner - this informal urinal reeks in summer - white doesn't always mean  clean)

The beds are all invisible and I 'crossed fingers' that the more tender things make it through. The garden hasn't seen the like for years and it will definitely test the mettle of some.   Maybe this summer will see a reduction in half-hardy shrub smugness on my part.

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