28 February 2009

good giving, bad giving

This is the sort of gift I like to find waiting for me.  Left on the stage was this carrier bag bulging with snowdrops.  

Nice simple, undouble, nowt fancy, proper snowdrops. 

These were left following a conversation last week.  A 'would you like some of' type of conversation.  I am wary these days after years of being ceremoniously presented with much loved mange-blasted balcony casualties time and time again so these were a joy.  

We gratefully receive anything but on enquiry I now recite this litany - "if we can't use it we'll pass it on, if we can't pass it on we'll compost it". This has kept the worse offenders safely and diplomatically out of our beds.  Even with careful inspection some have carried unwelcome hitchhikers whose descendants run willy-nilly eating all before them (I will again be bemoaning lily and rosemary beetles come summer no doubt).

The right plant healthy and ready to grow will usually find a place.  These 'drops are destined to be split into single bulbs and planted to the same depth through the new south end beds.  In three years or so they'll have bulked up to carpet the beds at just this time.  

I'll be getting down on my knees to smell their delicate fragrance - will you?  

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