26 February 2009

thomas in what?

Its the end of winter!  You can always tell as pointed buds of Crocus tommasinianus push up throughout the garden next to planters and in paving cracks.  Called winter flowering crocus they are some of the first bulbs to get going and only open their flowers when the temperatures are high enough - that means its spring in my mind!  
All the books say these will seed themselves about, whether they do or not it's easy enough to stuff some corms here and there each autumn, and they are very forgiving.  Unlike most crocus they will flower in semi-shade and don't need the actual touch of sun beams to open.  
In St Giles church front garden next door I planted three thousand of these four years ago, my knees remember that well, and they look great - even with the inevitable foot prints squashed right through them.

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