28 February 2009


They've been at it again!
This three year old hypericum grown from a right royal cutting has had its head snapped off. 

After winning the battle to establish against all the odds; being planted out too small, hard growing conditions, drought, all the other possible causes of failure, it has had a run in with the single biggest cause of plant damage in the garden - go on - guess!

That I get infuriated is probably understandable. What isn't is how this plant, still only eighteen inches high and really rather insignificant, attracted such unwanted attention tucked away as it is in the middle of a bed.  It is broken in the wrong direction for a football (beat that, Marple!).  It must have taken effort to reach it and to avoid damaging anything else - it seems strangely specific.  Maybe someone with a hatred of hypericum.

I cut the damage out.  It will grow away, invigorated for the hard prune, and be better than before.  

Victory is mine!

1 comment:

  1. Loving the Blog! sorry to hear about the headless hypericum.

    Keep up the great work, London needs green spaces!

    luv Paul n Chica n Jun