13 February 2009

the last nest box

Today I finally got the last bird box cleaned out.  Birds can choose a nest site early in winter and it's best not to go fiddling around with the boxes late in the season.  The rest were done months ago but what with a missing ladder and no head for heights this very high one was easy to leave late. Preserved inside, since last summer, I found this sad little scene. 

Eight unhatched eggs in a feather lined cup and a dead adult blue tit.   

The amount of nesting material collected is impressive. There must have been so many trips to collect all the bits of  moss, grass, strips of bark and feathers.  

There was also a healthy and hopping population of fleas patiently waiting for this years occupants.  A kettle of hot water deals with these effectively, they are a good reason to clean out nest boxes regularly. 

Better luck this year.

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